The UVC MAX 25 model is engineered to release strong ultraviolet light rays that sterilize and diminish airborne pathogens as they move through a home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Positioned within the main air supply or return duct of a household’s system, the UVC Max 25 functions around the clock, ensuring the air in your home is purified 24/7. This device does not generate ozone, features a bulb with a lifespan of 12,000 hours, and offers replacement bulbs for convenience.


WARNING: Do not expose yourself to UVC light due to harmful physical effects with skin and eyes. Only turn the unit on after installation is complete and intall location is closed.

The Air-Care UVC Max 25 is a revolutionary air purification system designed to enhance the quality of indoor air through the advanced technology of UV-C light. This innovative system is engineered to effectively sterilize and reduce airborne microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi, ensuring a healthier living environment. Its continuous operation mechanism allows for the air in your home to be purified around the clock, providing peace of mind and a safer indoor atmosphere for you and your family.

The UVC Max 25 is compatible with a 110V power supply, ensuring it can be easily integrated into most homes without the need for complex electrical modifications. This specification is vital for homeowners to consider, ensuring the system’s compatibility with their existing electrical infrastructure.

Addressing installation flexibility, the UVC Max 25 offers two distinct installation options tailored to accommodate different types of ductwork systems found in homes: ductboard and aluminum. This dual approach ensures that regardless of the ductwork material in your home, the UVC Max 25 can be seamlessly integrated, enhancing its applicability across a wide range of home environments. The installation process has been designed with simplicity in mind, although it requires adherence to specific guidelines to ensure both safety and optimal performance.

Moreover, the UVC Max 25 operates without producing ozone, a significant advantage for those concerned about indoor air quality. The absence of ozone emission means that the system purifies the air without introducing any lung irritants, making it a safe option for all indoor environments.

Regarding maintenance, the estimated bulb replacement timeline is based on an approximate lifespan of 12,000 hours. This estimate provides a guideline for homeowners on when to consider replacing the bulb to maintain the system’s efficiency. However, actual replacement timing may vary based on usage patterns, ensuring the system continues to operate effectively over time.

In conclusion, the Air-Care UVC Max 25 stands out as a leading solution for homeowners looking to improve their indoor air quality. Its UV-C sterilization capability, tailored installation options, and commitment to safety and efficiency make it an attractive option for those seeking to create a healthier home environment. By effectively addressing airborne microorganisms and operating continuously, the UVC Max 25 plays a crucial role in enhancing the wellbeing of households.

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